Monday, December 29, 2008


I found this photo. Greatest moment ever. What a great bunch of guys!


There a lot of different diets out there, but which one is the one to follow. It's really easy to follow a good diet... I have been trying for a while to lose weight and I just have a hard time. I do good the first day or 2, then the 3rd day I sneak an extra snack in there cause I am hungry then the 4th day I am so hungry I find my self back in my old eating habits... I eat my fruits and veges but maybe not enough. I focus on eating carbs in the morning then meat and veges for lunch and dinner. Valley of the Sun is almost here and I would like to get down at least 10 lbs before then, maybe that's too much in 6 weeks time? I don't want to lose muscle or power. I think I just need to be patient, I am not good with that but that's probably what it takes. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Happy New Year

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Trainer and sledding

The family got a seriously awesome computer for christmas, which I am writing from. The monitor is a 24" flat screen HD. Siiick! It's 6:30 am and I just ate a bowl of cereal and a pb&j sandwich to get ready for the 4 hour trainer ride... Me and the Fam have been going sledding a lot lately at the top of Emigration Canyon, It's a blast, If you're looking for a place to go have fun then go up there. I am thinking of snowshoeing a couple times a week, it seems like it would be a good workout. I was watching this show last week called Addicted to food. There are people that eat anywhere from 14,000-36,000 calories a day. The lady that ate 14,000 a day was like 400 lbs. It's crazy that Mike phelps eats 12,000 a day and is 100 lbs thanks to swimming. Crazy stuff.

Happy New Year,

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

2 1/2 pounders...

Things have been rolling pretty sweet lately. I am now 5 weeks in to my training now and it's going great, I do have to say that gym work is pretty awesome. I have graduated to 2 1/2 pounders on the bench press! I finally made it past the bar. Selling my Cannondale.I have been riding a sweet Schwinn fixie, those bikes will really help you work on cadence. I have been on the TT bike too, I am thinking of tweaking my position so I am lower in the front, I need to be more aero. I am getting the 09 Rocky Mountain with the 09 Dura Ace, I am super stoked! I've been doing yoga too, that s%@t works.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

This and that.

I know it's been forever since I have posted a blog, but everything is still the same, Nothing new. I have been off the bike for 5 weeks now and am getting antsy to get back on and start riding again! I have lost 10 lbs and still counting. My goal is 125 lbs, That is the race weight I want to be at. I think it would be good for the climbs, I might suffer a little on the TT's but that is ok I think. If anyone is up for some EASY base miles hit me up and we will cruise, I start training Nov 1st. Work is starting to pick up now that the holidays are getting closer. It is going to be crazy this Christmas. The 2 weeks leading up to Christmas we will be running 24/7 Wow nuts. But not me, cause I got some training to do! I went to another body building show, that stuff is crazy cause it's crazy to think you can get the body that big. The guest bodybuilder was 5' 6" and 250 lbs of muscle! Nuts! his name is Branch Warren check it out.

Norm out.

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Millcreek at 6 am.

Talk about cold. It was a good ride until I hit the top and started coming down. My fingers did get cold on the way up which is kinda weird cause you think they would stay warm at your hr goes up, but I guess not.I saw Bruce which is cool, Coming down. I have been on a pretty crazy diet for the last 6 weeks, I have gone from 146 lbs, down to 132 lbs. I want to be 130 by monday. My ultimate goal is 125 before the season starts up next year. The reason for going down you ask? cause I was too heavy at 146 and couldn't go up hill. And also to get ready for the State HC coming up next weekend! There's a ride on the 20th of September called I think I canyons, it's a ride of all 4 canyons. I think I will do it, it sounds fun.

P.S. No I haven't got my computer fixed. I am at the library so I thought I should update my blog. I think I will come here more often.


Sunday, June 22, 2008


My computer crashed and burned so I am computer less. I will try my best to keep up with blogging untill I get it fixed.

Monday, June 16, 2008

airports part 2

The airport in Quebec I think is the smallest airport I have ever seen, It's tiny. Anyways, my great airport luck just keeps rollin'. My flight from Quebec to toronto was 30 min. late. So I had to really rush to get my luggage and my bike case and hurry up and get through customs when I arrived. We'll it took only forever to get it, and good thing going through customs was a breeze cause I was really running late to catch my next flight. I made it and the flight was running behind. AAHHH!! this point I am freakin' out with late planes and crap. So I just kept my cool and sat and waited. The boarding came around and I arrive in denver late, because I left late. So I freaking ran to the train and road the train to my destination and ran to the desk to find out that I MISSED my flight. At this point all I could do is laugh. Ha ha. By the way this is the biggest airport I have ever seen. I got another ticket for a later flight which is suppose to leave at 5:07 pm. Well I went to double check on the boards to make sure it is still on time and it has been delayed till 5:44 pm. I am sitting here hoping that it doesn't delay any longer. I have been dealing with this now for 10 hours today and I am tired. I sure can't wait to get back.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Stage 4a and 4b

The TT didn't go that good. I got 98th, 5:09 down. I dropped my chain near the end. The Crit I got pulled which means it's over for me. I am done with the race which is a bummer. I really wanted to make it to the end.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Stage 3

Got a good night of sleep which really helped for today. I felt allot better then the last 2 days. I still finished far down but I hung on till the last 12 miles. The last 5k is the gnarliest climb I have ever done, It is 10-15%. Tomorrow is the TT, this is the stage I have been waiting for, I really want to do well in it.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Stage 2

Today was hard, not as much climbing as yesterday but still allot. I got dropped 40 miles into the race and caught two other guys to race with the rest of the race. I finished about 25 minutes down I think. I made the time cut so it looks like I will be starting the hardest stage of the race.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Stage 1

Got the bikes in at midnight last night and not my luggage, They are not sure where it's at. Got up at 6 am and got everything loaded in the car and went to breakfast. On our way to the race start my bike got loose and the rear wheel went over and smacked the back of the car. Good thing my fork was tight and it didn't go flying of the back. The bike is fine, a little scratched up but no broken parts. Got to the race and all the kids wanted autograph it was awesome. The race rolled out easy then It wasn't easy anymore. 40 miles in I need a couple of bottles, so I went back to the car and got bottles. As I was back at the car the peloton decided to go hard and I couldn't catch up. So I found couple of guys to ride the rest of the race with. I ran out of water with 40 miles to go and I got very dehydrated. It was very hot and humid. I would unzip my jersey to try to cool my body but it just got hotter. The wind was hot too. I haven't checked the results yet to see if I made the time cut. 20 miles in Brad had a heart rhythm problem and ended up not finishing.

Monday, June 09, 2008


My flight went off at 12:10 pm, so I got there at 9:30 am to give myself plenty of time just in case something went wrong. My flight went off as scheduled and so far so good. There was a storm in the area we were flying so the captain went around it adding another hour to our flight. So when Brad and I arrived to the Detroit airport we had 30 minutes to get to our next flight. So we ran way to the other side of the airport and made it with 5 minutes tell we board to find out our flight is delayed 1 hour. So we were trying to find the phone number to the guys that were picking us up to tell them we were running late. After about 30 minutes we finally find it. So 8:00 roles around and they say the flight is delayed tell 9:44. Now me and brad are getting frustrated and mad. So we go get food and come back to find out the flight is cancelled. There was nasty weather that kept the flight from going. So we slept at the airport and I think I got 3 hours of sleep that night. The flight the next morning went off at 8:50 am and that went smooth and we arrived in Quebec just fine. Got through security and we went to get our luggage (this is where is gets very bad) to find out our luggage wasn't there. The bags weren't on the flight, no ones bags were. So we had to fill out some paper that had the address we were staying at so they could deliver it when it got there. We'll as I am typing the team manager is on the way to pick our luggage up. So I have gotten 4 hours of sleep in 36 hours and the race starts in 12 hours and I still have to put my bike together.

Saturday, June 07, 2008


Well it's here, Tour De Beauce. I am packing all my stuff and I will be heading out tomorrow on a 7 hr flight to Quebec. It will be cool to see the stuff there, That is the french speaking part of canada. I am hoping to finish the race and not get time cut. I will try my best to update everyday. Results will be on cycling news and Velo news.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Good Rides.

I did a pretty sweet ride yesterday. I rode up Suncrest, down to American Fork, then rode up as far as I can before hitting the snow. The snow is at 15.5 miles, a couple of more weeks and it should be clear. So after American Fork I got a Coke and bar at the cheveron and made my way back up the south side of Suncrest. After the sweet descent down Suncrest it was nice, flat and headwind all the way back home. So that was my great ride. Then last night I went longboarding for 4hrs. That is such a blast. If you know where to ride through the U of U then it's really fun. I rode down South Temple for the first time and I cruised all the way down to State Street doing about 30 mph and carving the rode. Too much fun.

Friday, May 16, 2008


Went over to fox's place last night, he bought some bike junk from me. He has some Australian liquorice that is way good, a lot better then American liquorice. I am going to ride American Fork tomorrow and see how far up the canyon I can make it, If I can make it to the top I am going down to Provo Canyon and back up. That makes for a good day. 7 hrs with hopefully 4 climbs, Yeaahh! I haven't been in the mood to race much local stuff lately, I don't know why. I have only done 2 uca races and a few RMRs and TT's. I guess my mind has been on Tour De Beauce, that's all I have been training for. Maybe after that race I will race more local stuff. My favorite race of the year is High uintas and it's 5 days of Beauce, hopefully I can recover for it in time. I wonder if Fox has more liqourice.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Favorite Ride.

I rode to East Canyon today and that is my favorite ride. There is 3 great climbs, awesome descents and great scenery. And there is a store at East canyon, so if you need a coke or snickers or both to get you home there ya go. The snow is just about gone up there and the gates are still closed. What's your favorite ride?

Thursday, April 10, 2008


I got invited to race Tour De Beauce, I will be racing with team Rocky Mountain. I am pretty stoked it should be a great experience.

Wednesday, April 09, 2008


I sure can't wait for this. I know everyone is talking about it. I went out for a few hours today and didn't get hit by the rain, lucky. It's snowing now at my house, not cool.

Monday, March 31, 2008

BodyBuilding Comp.

I went to the Utah Bodybuilding comp and 2006, 2007 and hopefully 2008 Mr Olympia was there, He is 5'7", 290 lbs.

Monday, March 17, 2008


I drink alot of coffee, like 6-12 cups a day. So I made a bet with a friend that I could go a week without coffee, just to show that I could do it. well the next morning I blew up and drank some, well, more then some, like 10 cups. Does that mean I am a coffeeholic?

Sunday, March 02, 2008


I think they should name it Miracle Chamois Creme.

Saturday, March 01, 2008


Went out riding today and got lucky. I got back around 1:30 pm and took a nap then woke up and it is snowing outside. What's up with that? it was 62 degrees when I was riding and now it is in the 30's and snowing in just a couple of hours.The wind was freakin' brutal. I went north and it took me twice as long to get back.

I am on my last week of base training. This week was huge, I have never ridden this many hours in a week.

RMR starts Saturday, but I won't be out there for a probably a month. I started training January and won't be ready for awhile. I am really looking forward to the TT's!


Tuesday, January 01, 2008


Things have been pretty good lately. Ever since Christmas ended work has been sweet. I have been getting off at noon everyday. So I get the whole afternoon to train and lift. Yesterday was my first day back on the bike in 2 weeks. Like every other winter I got tendinitis again. I went out for 90 minutes and it was a tad bit achy after but that's ok. Just easy rides for a little bit to let it heal before I get into it. I have been really wanting to go to St. George for a week, just no one to go with. So if anyone is going and would like a little company let me know I would like to go. I didn't stay up for New Years last night. I made it to 10:00pm before falling asleep on the couch while watching MythBusters. I did wake up at midnight to the noise of my phone ringing to text messages saying happy new year.