Monday, April 23, 2007

Tax Day.

Tax Day is a fun course, definitely hard. There was a break that got away early and gained like 3.5 minutes. So every time we hit the downhill we were going like 5 mph, nobody wanted to chase cause they had team mates up the road. Then we would peg the rolling flats and the tough hill. With about 4 to go on the hilly flat section after the downhill hill they pegged it fast and like always I am on the back. So gaps started opening and I couldn't get up there so I got dropped and had to ride 3-4 laps by myself. I really need to learn to stay near the front because this always happens. I was feeling really good for the race just wasn't smart. Congrats to Mark, Dave and Jeff.

Monday, April 16, 2007

Weekend of Riding.

Crazy and hard is what I would call the riding I did on the weekend. Saturday I met up with the Porcupine/Specialized guys. We rolled over to Emigration and pegged it like a freaking race. The pace was really fast and hard, I was thinking wow this is going to be a fast time up. we got to the top and it was 23 minutes. that's the fastest I have done it. Then we did Big Mountain. D.H. pegged it like a climbing fool. After Big M. we went and did Big Cottonwood. Again D.H. climbed it like a monkey. I didn't see him or sleevie for the rest of the climb. I got to the flat section about halfway through and I bonked hard, I had to stop at donut falls area and get off and lay there and eat food and Wait for the guys to come down. Sundays ride was alright. I went and did Butterfield Canyon. That climb hurts really bad, it was super rocky to towards the top. After we got to the top we were coming coming down and my friend hits a rock and pinch flats, so he puts a tube in and the valve is to short, so we sit there for a while and I ended up taking a tube out of my wheel because it is a long valve and give to him. so we both have flats and one co2 cartridge, so we are both descending down the canyon with 40 lbs of pressure in our tires, it was sketchy. Then we get to the bottom and his tire blows up cause he tore the sidewall from the rock and the tube was sticking out. So we had to get picked up.