Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Millcreek at 6 am.

Talk about cold. It was a good ride until I hit the top and started coming down. My fingers did get cold on the way up which is kinda weird cause you think they would stay warm at your hr goes up, but I guess not.I saw Bruce which is cool, Coming down. I have been on a pretty crazy diet for the last 6 weeks, I have gone from 146 lbs, down to 132 lbs. I want to be 130 by monday. My ultimate goal is 125 before the season starts up next year. The reason for going down you ask? cause I was too heavy at 146 and couldn't go up hill. And also to get ready for the State HC coming up next weekend! There's a ride on the 20th of September called I think I canyons, it's a ride of all 4 canyons. I think I will do it, it sounds fun.

P.S. No I haven't got my computer fixed. I am at the library so I thought I should update my blog. I think I will come here more often.