Thursday, June 22, 2006

High Uintas

What a tough weekend, the road race was tough couldn't get the legs going attacked a couple of times to try to get away and get the legs to open up but nothing. So when the climb came Chocolate Factory went to the front and layed it down they set a hard pace and dropped everyone. 10 of us regrouped on the downhill and we stayed away to the finish line and finished about 50 seconds ahead of the field. The next morning was the TT and I was feeling better I got a really good warm up for it and I borrowed a Cervelo P3 for the TT and I ended winning by 5 seconds over Sandy so I was excited and that also put me in the lead. So going into the Criterium I had a 6 second lead over Jesse so I sat on his wheel the whole crit and I didn't notice that the guy in 4th got away and he was 36 seconds down and so at the end he won the crit and pulled into 2nd. So I ended up winning the G.C. by 5 second over Chocolate Factory and 6 seconds over Jesse. What a crazy weekend.

Wednesday, June 07, 2006


Wednesday Night DMV and the KILLER HILL!

I love this course it is so hard. Well I got dropped at the start for I think like 3 laps before I was able to catch back on I thought I wasn't going to beable to catch on but they slowed down and I kept driving hard to get on. So once I got back I was able to breath for a little then attacks started to go and It was fast and we hit the hill and I get dropped then I catch on then we hit the hill again then I get dropped I think man this sucks. So after a couple more laps me, Dave and Tony get in a break together and we start working really well together and on the last lap Dave attacks and I couldn't go and Tony goes with him and Dave-1st Tony-2nd me-3rd. Awesome job to Dave and Tony.

Monday, June 05, 2006

Utah State Road Race

State Road Race

What a great course you couldn't ask for a better one it has a little of everything up hill, flat and some down hill. It was pretty fast from the start people tried to go but nothing could get away a few guys would get away but not very long. I tried to play this one smart and not do any stupid things like I always do. I sat pretty close to Dave and Ryan knowing they would probably be the ones to watch. Each lap the field would get a little smaller because of the hill, I swear that the hill gets steeper each lap it hurts sooooo bad I kept thinking to my self I am not going to beable to make it up this time. Well with attacks trying to go and nothing really getting away one finally was able to get away with 2 laps to go. It was a group of 5 and I watched it slowly get away and I was thinking there goes the winning move, but once the hill came again they were still insight so Nate and I drilled it up the hill and I looked back to see what was going on and Dave, Ryan, Nate, Anthony and me were still together going up the hill so I decided to punch it one more time and I did and got away for a little while trying to catch the break. The group with Ryan, Dave, Nate and Anthony caught me so we started to work together except for Ryan and Dave since they had teammates in the break, we caught the break except for Aaron and Sandy they took of so we kept working together to try and bring back Aaron and Sandy they weren't very far ahead and so I was thinking I am going to punch it hard up this hill to try and bring them back. I went hard up the hill and about 3/4 of the way up I started to cramp I couldn't sit down or it would start to hurt but I could stand up and soft pedal. Ryan and Dave got ahead and once I got to the top of the hill I started to feel better so I jammed it to catch up to Ryan, Dave, Sandy and Aaron. I caught up with them and I started to work with them to try to stay away from the group behined wich was Nate, Anthony and Kirk. Once we got about 4 k from the finish my cramp started to come back and so I had to soft pedal a little and I just sat at the back trying to get rid of the cramp. Once I got rid of the cramp I just stayed at the back and let Aaron Sandy do the work for Ryan and Dave. I needed to play this right so that I can try and get a top 3 placing so with 2 k to go Aaron started to lead out and he pulled off then Sandy started to go hard and I thought okay stay on and you can get 3rd so Sandy pulled of and Ryan and Dave just started flying to the finish, I passed Sandy for 3rd. I was stoked to have gotten 3rd I was thinking, I think I might have finally played it right.

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Thanksgivivng Point.

Crashed out of Thanksgiving Point 3 laps in