Thursday, May 14, 2009

Job, scans and racing.

I haven't posted for a while...well it's because not much has been going on. I did start a new job (couple months ago) at Salt Lake City Bicycles. It's a pretty cool job. I pretty much stay in the basement and wrench on bikes, Can't complain cause than I don't have to deal with customers, I get to listen to whatever music and however loud I want, Pretty freakin' cool if you ask me. What else...Oh yeah, Like fox said- it's all in the head. I got the MRI done last week and nothing is wrong. All that work and money to be told "you're fine". But the High BP is what I have and something I can't get rid of I guess. Oh well what can ya do. What else, what else.......Bear Lake should be a ton of fun! 3 days of sweet racing! and great weather. My family has a cabin up there, so it makes it a little more fun. I will try to post more, now that racing is under way and I'll have something to talk about.- Peace