Thursday, November 30, 2006


Well winter is here, snow, cold temps..., which also means trainer. I really don't like the trainer but it has to be ridden. I have been riding the trainer a couple times a week. Also riding my coach's veletron 2-3 times a week. I have been working on power cranks and sprints for the last 2 months, what a workout. I have been going to the gym for just over a month now and I kind of like it. It is sometimes intimidating because alot of those guys are HUGE and then there's me 5' 6" 135lbs... yeah you get the picture.

Well time for the trainer.

Saturday, November 25, 2006

Thanksgiving Day

I had a good Thanksgiving, I had some good food, but no pie (to many calories). I did a thanksgiving morning ride with Jeff Louder and Terry Mcginnis, we went out for about 3hrs. The clouds were looking scary, we had a STRONG south wind, so we decided to go south, head wind first good tail wind back. NO that is not how it went, the wind changed and we had head winds both ways DOH! and it got cold. We didn't get hit by any storms which is good.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006


I went to moab on Monday morning to ride and it was AWESOME!, I think that was my 2nd time being to moab my whole life (21yrs) crazy huh?. Monday I did a ride into Arches National Park and that was cool, seeing all of the tall rocks and arches. It was like 70 degrees when I rode and it was nice. Then today I did a easy ride into Potash wich is a flat ride. You ride next to the Colorado River and next to these HUGE cliffs that people rock climb on. I put alot of time on the saddle the last 3 days, I did like 11hrs. The weather has been so nice I am trying to do as much riding as I can while it is nice. I came back from moab today it was just an over nighter, and it was kind of a bummer to come back to colder weather.

See Ya

Friday, November 17, 2006

Good Days.

Today was a good day of riding, it was warm and not much of a wind. I got out in the morning for 3hrs with my brothers wrestling coach. On the way back from NSL I saw Nate Page and road with him for a while, He's a cool person to ride with. then a couple of hours after my ride I went to the coach's house and did some sprint work. I actually like the sprint work that I am doing, i am seeing improvment everytime I go, which is motivation. Well my weight is now down to 135lbs and I was 150lbs during racing this year. I think I am going to hold that weight for the winter and next year. Work has really slowed down and it is boring. Alot of the time we play playstation and throw darts. We do have lots of bikes to build, that will keep us busy through the winter. It is a bummer I have to work on saturdays and I would rather be riding my bike, especially when it is nice out and I could do 6hrs.
Laters all.

Monday, November 06, 2006

The South

So I went to virgin this last weekend, it was awesome. I got alot of training in, I think like 10 hrs in 2 days. That ride in to Mesquite is pretty cool, it seems like the climb goes on forever. The new bike feels good, it responds well. I used a SRM while I was down there and those things are really cool to use. I did some bunny hunting, got one. It is hard when they are running and you are trying to shoot them with shotguns. I think that Zions is the coolest place to go, It is fun to ride the bikes up there.
Well more boring news later.