Sunday, May 18, 2008

Good Rides.

I did a pretty sweet ride yesterday. I rode up Suncrest, down to American Fork, then rode up as far as I can before hitting the snow. The snow is at 15.5 miles, a couple of more weeks and it should be clear. So after American Fork I got a Coke and bar at the cheveron and made my way back up the south side of Suncrest. After the sweet descent down Suncrest it was nice, flat and headwind all the way back home. So that was my great ride. Then last night I went longboarding for 4hrs. That is such a blast. If you know where to ride through the U of U then it's really fun. I rode down South Temple for the first time and I cruised all the way down to State Street doing about 30 mph and carving the rode. Too much fun.

Friday, May 16, 2008


Went over to fox's place last night, he bought some bike junk from me. He has some Australian liquorice that is way good, a lot better then American liquorice. I am going to ride American Fork tomorrow and see how far up the canyon I can make it, If I can make it to the top I am going down to Provo Canyon and back up. That makes for a good day. 7 hrs with hopefully 4 climbs, Yeaahh! I haven't been in the mood to race much local stuff lately, I don't know why. I have only done 2 uca races and a few RMRs and TT's. I guess my mind has been on Tour De Beauce, that's all I have been training for. Maybe after that race I will race more local stuff. My favorite race of the year is High uintas and it's 5 days of Beauce, hopefully I can recover for it in time. I wonder if Fox has more liqourice.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Favorite Ride.

I rode to East Canyon today and that is my favorite ride. There is 3 great climbs, awesome descents and great scenery. And there is a store at East canyon, so if you need a coke or snickers or both to get you home there ya go. The snow is just about gone up there and the gates are still closed. What's your favorite ride?