Tuesday, January 01, 2008


Things have been pretty good lately. Ever since Christmas ended work has been sweet. I have been getting off at noon everyday. So I get the whole afternoon to train and lift. Yesterday was my first day back on the bike in 2 weeks. Like every other winter I got tendinitis again. I went out for 90 minutes and it was a tad bit achy after but that's ok. Just easy rides for a little bit to let it heal before I get into it. I have been really wanting to go to St. George for a week, just no one to go with. So if anyone is going and would like a little company let me know I would like to go. I didn't stay up for New Years last night. I made it to 10:00pm before falling asleep on the couch while watching MythBusters. I did wake up at midnight to the noise of my phone ringing to text messages saying happy new year.