Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Work and Ice Cream.

The last several days have been really hectic for me. I have been working 10hrs a day and riding at 6 am before going to work. Sometimes I will do a lunch ride, only if it is an easy day cause it gets hot fast. Why am I working so much? because I am going to Nationals for the TT in 3 weeks and I need some money to get there. Hopefully all this work over the next 2 weeks will be worth it at the end. Today was a painful day. I went to the dentist and got my wisdom teeth pulled. I am sore. Thank goodness for pain killers. I am eating lots of ice cream right now, since that is the only thing I really can eat for a little while. Cookies and Cream yum.

Monday, June 18, 2007

High Uintas.

What a fun, crazy, hard weekend. When you have 2 pros show up you know it is going to be hard. The Road Race was really fast and hard. A group got away before the climb and they were going fast. when the climb started Jeff and Burke went to front and rode away from everyone. I held there wheel for probably 10 seconds before getting dropped. On the downhill I got caught by a group of 10 guys and we were cruising in to town at like 38 mph all the way. It is crazy that Jeff, Burke and Sandy gained 8 minutes on us. I ended up getting 14th in the RR. The TT went really good. I was warming up on the trainer and just felt like crap, couldn't get my heart rate up. Once I got out on the road I felt alot better and ended up getting 2nd, 18 seconds down from Jeff. The crit was probably the hardest crit I have done. From the start it was full gas. That all I have to say about the crit. Very hard. High Uintas is the funnest race of the year I think.

Friday, June 01, 2007


Tomorrow is going to be a very tough TT, alot of fast guys are going to to be there. My race nerves are out of the roof right now. I have been riding the TT bike all week. I put some new bars on, they are Profile Design T2. I have done a couple of adjustments on the bike and it feels good. I don't like to mess with it too much since I have done alright with TT's this year so far with my position.
We'll see y'all out there tomorrow.