Friday, May 16, 2008


Went over to fox's place last night, he bought some bike junk from me. He has some Australian liquorice that is way good, a lot better then American liquorice. I am going to ride American Fork tomorrow and see how far up the canyon I can make it, If I can make it to the top I am going down to Provo Canyon and back up. That makes for a good day. 7 hrs with hopefully 4 climbs, Yeaahh! I haven't been in the mood to race much local stuff lately, I don't know why. I have only done 2 uca races and a few RMRs and TT's. I guess my mind has been on Tour De Beauce, that's all I have been training for. Maybe after that race I will race more local stuff. My favorite race of the year is High uintas and it's 5 days of Beauce, hopefully I can recover for it in time. I wonder if Fox has more liqourice.