Monday, June 16, 2008

airports part 2

The airport in Quebec I think is the smallest airport I have ever seen, It's tiny. Anyways, my great airport luck just keeps rollin'. My flight from Quebec to toronto was 30 min. late. So I had to really rush to get my luggage and my bike case and hurry up and get through customs when I arrived. We'll it took only forever to get it, and good thing going through customs was a breeze cause I was really running late to catch my next flight. I made it and the flight was running behind. AAHHH!! this point I am freakin' out with late planes and crap. So I just kept my cool and sat and waited. The boarding came around and I arrive in denver late, because I left late. So I freaking ran to the train and road the train to my destination and ran to the desk to find out that I MISSED my flight. At this point all I could do is laugh. Ha ha. By the way this is the biggest airport I have ever seen. I got another ticket for a later flight which is suppose to leave at 5:07 pm. Well I went to double check on the boards to make sure it is still on time and it has been delayed till 5:44 pm. I am sitting here hoping that it doesn't delay any longer. I have been dealing with this now for 10 hours today and I am tired. I sure can't wait to get back.