Monday, February 26, 2007

Training and other things.

Well last week was a quiet week of training, I rode 6 hrs total. My legs were shot and every time I rode I couldn't breath, it felt like I had 1 lung. I go to a doctors tomorrow to see what is up with me, hopefully everything is ok. Ever since the TT in VOS I have been going down hill with the sickness. Being sick makes everything hard, I hate it. The weather has been weird lately, to bad I don't ski or snowboard or else I would be shredding it (not really I suck). I am working at Guthrie's in Sugarhouse, it is nice, all I do is build bikes, I don't help customers or repair bikes, just build. We have people that are on the floor to help customers and we have a guy that does the repairs and I build the bikes, yeah.