Thursday, October 29, 2009

Catchin' up

Well, I haven't posted for a few months so I thought I would write something and try to keep up on it,This time I promise. Got up early this a.m. to take my sisters and bros to school. It's something I do just about every morning, I don't mind it cause I am a morning person and get up early anyways. I am heading to my first yoga session after I drop them off. Kinda nervous cause I can barely touch my knees. Something I really need to keep up with the stretching, It's always something I have a hard time with cause after a hard ride or long ride, I'm always tired so I don't want to stretch, I just want to sit and not move. I've lost 12 lbs over my time off the bike and time on the bike. I'm planning on being stronger and lighter than ever next year. I'm lifting weight a few times a week, starting to look like Jay Cutler..Minus 200 lbs. Okay that's a lie about looking like him but it would be cool. That's it for now, got to go to touch your toes class!